Served daily from 6AM - 11AM


Fresh Daily:

Bagels, Buttered


Cream Cheese




Buttered Roll


Assorted Muffins


Toasted w/butter




1 Egg


1 Egg, Ham or Bacon or Cheese


1 Egg, Ham or Bacon and Cheese




All Served on a Hard Roll or Bread

Bagels, Wraps, or Hot Peppers 30¢ extra

Breakfast Specials - Served from 6AM - 10:30AM


Two Eggs, Home Fries, Toast


Choice of Meat - Ham, Bacon, Sausage


Two Eggs, Corn beef Hash, Toast


Western Omelette with Home Fries and Toast


Ham and Cheese Omelette, with Home Fries and Toast



The Bridge Music Breakfast:

Inspired by Joseph Bertolozzi's Bridge Music, the special omelet includes three large Hudson Valley eggs, smoked sausage, crispy bacon, pepper jack cheese, spicy peppers, sweet onions, ripe tomatoes, and coffee.